Dangerous space


Black holes and Neutron stars

These space objects can pose a threat to inexperienced pilots because of their strong gravitational pull. If the spaceship gets too close, it may never get out of the area of attraction. It may lead to major damage as well as to the hull’s overheating or even to the spaceship’s destruction. Having fallen into such a trap, it’s important to keep calm and first redistribute the power to engines. It may help to get out if engines are powerful enough.

Space Storm

A fairly common anomaly that occurs near flying clouds around hot stars. Lightning strikes can produce damage to the electronics of the spaceship and lead to the hull’s overheating. It is recommended to carry a repair module and heat sinks in case of long-range missions.

Hot Stars

The danger can also come from the most common stars. The process of leaving the warp is always unpredictable. The spaceship may stop too close to the star which subsequently leads to overheating. It happens very often that while refueling the spaceship the pilot can leave it uncontrolled and that can lead to overheating as well.