Warp Jump Distance

Not only research ships can have a long warp jump range. Increasing the range needs modifying the ship. The easiest way is purchasing a warp drive of a higher class. Still, pay attention to the optimal mass of the ship which is indicated in the engine characteristics. If the weight of your ship is less than this value, then the jump range will increase significantly. This can be achieved by installing smaller modules, choosing class D modules (the lightest in their size) and discarding modules you do not need. For example, you are unlikely to meet a pirate in deep space, so all weapon modules can be removed from the ship. And since there will be fewer modules consuming energy, you can install a smaller power generator.

Lightening the ship also reduces fuel consumption when comparing warp jumps at the same distance.

Also, do not forget that by adding cargo to the ship, you thereby increase the total mass of the ship which will lead to a decrease in the jump range.

Spectrum analyzer

The spectrum analyzer allows you to detect new planets. If it is absent on the ship, then unknown planets will not be visible on the system map, so this module is necessary in space exploration. When you open the module panel, you will see a spectrum of celestial bodies surrounding your ship. The spectrum will show absorption bands (inverted for clarity), which can be used to judge the composition of the surface of the planets and their atmosphere. When a specific wavelength is selected, the signal around your ship will point towards planets that have a spectrum with an absorption line on the selected wavelength. Thanks to that, you can discover only the most valuable planets.

The value of research data

The most valuable are earth-like planets, ammonia planets and planets with a high content of metal. Stone planets will only bring good profit if they are in the habitable zone, because this is a sign that they are terraformable. The surface of such planets should be in range of 265-340 Kelvin.\nFor detecting a planet it is enough to fly up to it at a distance of about 100 light seconds.\nWhen scanning the surface of the planet, the cost of research data doubles.\nYou can sell the collected data at any station. In addition to money, it will add points to your reputation.

Repair module

As there is no possibility of repairing the ship at the station in deep space, the only way to bring the modules into working condition is using a repair module. The panel of this module is located in the onboard menu. When you select the module you want to repair, it will be disabled and the repair process will start. Spare parts will be used in the process, and their number is limited. You can replenish the stock of spare parts by synthesizing them from resources that you can get in the asteroid belts. Therefore, it is advisable to have a mining laser installed on your ship.