Missions and Ranks



If you open the mission panel from the onboard menu, you can see all missions at the moment. Active tasks are highlighted in blue, completed – in green, unsuccessful – in red. All in all, a pilot can take no more than 5 missions to complete. Active tasks can be canceled by clicking on them and answering “yes” to the question, but this will lead to a decrease in reputation at the station. Two events can lead to the failure of missions: expiration of the time for the mission completion or the destruction of the spaceship. Unsuccessful missions will also lead to a decrease in reputation.


The mission panel also displays the latest storyline dialogs, containing important information necessary to fulfill the conditions of the storyline. The characters will also periodically remind you to complete the next step. Reminders can be turned off in the game settings (look up in “Tutorial and story”).


The pilot rank consists of three statuses: combat, trade and research. The battle rank can be raised by completing missions of hunting pirates and receiving a reward for the wanted pilots. Research rank is increased by completing tourist missions and selling research data. Trade rank is raised by completing trade missions and selling goods at the station. Subsequently, the rank will affect access to some closed systems.