Power system


Power distribution

The power distributor works with three systems: weapons, engines and system modules. Power distribution priorities are shown by white indicators. The blue indicators indicate the amount of energy in the capacitor for a particular system. When pressing the button of one of the systems, you change the priorities and thereby increase the rate of energy supply to the corresponding capacitor. Spaceship modules consume energy from capacitors. In case there is no energy in the capacitor, the modules will operate with a delay until there is enough energy to operate in normal mood. For example, guns will fire with a delay, and it will take longer for the energy shield to recover.

Power consumption

After modifying your spaceship, you should always check the power consumption. If the power supply is insufficient, a more powerful generator must be installed. You can also set the priorities of powering the modules. For example, you can lower the priority of the warp drive and increase the priority of the weapon. The warp drive will be disabled if weapon modules are extended, still, there is no need for the warp drive during the battle.